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Why Dubai?

A June 2004 trip to Dubai by lizzers

Culinary Geniou Photo, Dubai, United Arab Emirates More Photos
Quote: A city literally being built before your eyes, Dubai is an up and coming destination not to be missed.

Why Dubai?

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Culinary Geniou Photo, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Of all the places I have had the opportunity to visit, Dubai was probably the most exciting and exotic. While that area of the world has developed a bad name as far as visiting goes, Dubai is a wonderful city that absolutely caters to its guests. Customer service is most likely the best in the world, and although the city is being build up around you, you are still in the middle of a desert, where there are camel races, and of course the largest, most advanced, indoor ski resort (where else would it be, if not in the desert?).From the Gold Souk to Sandboarding, there really is something for everyone. And with the world's nicest hotel, the Burj al Arab, you may not even want to venture out. Go to Du...Read More