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A May 2006 trip to San Francisco by Nisa004

GoCar Tour Photo, San Francisco, California More Photos
Quote: The absolute most fun you can have in San Francisco!

GoCar Tour

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GoCar Tour Photo, San Francisco, California
The GoCar is by far the best way to see this city! My sister and I did this tour a couple of days ago, and WOW was it great fun! The GoCar is a three-wheeled open topped car for two people, complete with locking trunk. The best part is that it's GPS guided. You are provided with a map to follow along. If you follow the map, the GoCar (through the radio) will advise you where to turn and point out various sites along the way. Follow the map, or take a site trip to a unique site; if you leave the route, it will you know when you return and start up the commentary again. Touring made easy!The GoCar allows you to stop wherever you want, for however long you want, but assists with dire...Read More

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GoCar Tour
2715 Hyde St.
San Francisco, California 94109