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I Slept in Omaha, Nebraska

A May 2006 trip to Omaha by fallschirmhosen

Econo Lodge West Central Photo, Omaha, Nebraska More Photos
Quote: Omaha is one of those places few people ever think about going to. Well, I went there.

Econo Lodge West Central

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Econo Lodge West Central Photo, Omaha, Nebraska
Right off the 84th Street exit from Interstate 80, just a few miles from downtown Omaha and other local attractions, is the Econo Lodge. Situated next to a Denny's, and a short drive to other restaurants, it is an ideal place for someone passing through town who wants a clean, comfortable place to stay that will not break your wallet (our room was $64 per night), and will make you feel safe and comfortable.There was plenty of parking outside. The area seemed very safe, and we had no trouble with anyone trying to break into our car. I only say that because we were moving cross-country and had many things loaded in the car, visible to anyone. Across from our car in the parking lot was a pickup...Read More

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Econo Lodge West Central
3511 S 85TH ST
Omaha, Nebraska 68124