Azores Journals

Adventure in the Azores

An August 2000 trip to Azores by offtrack

Quote: A priceless trip to see my Great Grandfather's home turned into so much more. As truly diverse a place as I've ever been, Sao Miguel old world European charm alongside breathtaking countryside and geological wonders.

Adventure in the Azores


Day trips to Sete Cidades (Seven Cities) and Furnas combined with casual strolls through Ponta Delgada will make your trip.

Quick Tips:

There is so much history to the city. My Great Uncle was able to share so many fabulous stories with me but I'm sure a guide or even some pre-trip research could provide travelers with much of the same.

Best Way To Get Around:

No need for cars in the city. You'll need a car to venture out across the island. Rental cars are reasonable and Taxi's are available for day trips. If you drive yourself be sure to carry a good map as the roads are narrow, winding and not always easy to find.



Sao Miguel island is at roughly the the same lattitude as Maryland but there are strong currents which carry air up from Africa that make the island much warmer in the summer and more temperate all year round. While this island is beautiful and boasts some spectacular coastline - it is a volcanic island where most of the beaches are covered in black rocks of varying sizes. Needless to say a day at the beach can become hot and uncomfortable very quickly. I would recommend when selecting a hotel, to pass over those boasting beachfront property in favor of those with a pool and/or proximity to downtown. The weather begs for swimming but I'd recommend sticking to one of the many beauti...Read More