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Belo, Cameroon

A June 2006 trip to Cameroon by lovin_it

Quote: This has all the hot tips on Cameroon, in particular the beautiful north west Province.

Belo, Cameroon


The stunning scenery and natural environment in the north west province lends itself to great trekking, walking, mountain biking, birdwatching, adventure tours, and home-stay opportunities.

Quick Tips:

Barter hard and don't pay 'white mans prices'. Stay in the Baptist Mission Rest Houses (clean and cheap). Try the trekking and mountain biking around Belo. Do a home-stay and experience the real culture of the local tribes.

Best Way To Get Around:

From Douala airport to the city take a taxi.

From Douala to Bamenda - take the Guarantee Express bus (4500cfa - 7 hours).

From Bamenda - Belo - take a shared taxi (900cfa - 45 minutes).

I am currently staying in the Belo Rest House on a long term basis for the duration of my stay. It is clean, has flushing toilets, a gas cooker, fresh sheets, and is cheap. There are 8 rooms available, however some are taken on a long term basis by volunteers. It is situated in the centre of Belo 3 corners village and has a nice garden. Rooms cost 3000cfa per person, per night.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on June 5, 2006

There are 11 protected forests in the north west province of Cameroon. None are yet developed for tourists, except one (Abuh) and then it is only possible to enter with a guide. This is an absolute must for any trek/hike/wildlife enthusiasts and guarantees an experience of a life time. Trek through tropical forest and see streams, swamps, hilltop plateaus, and secret caves. Climb over waterfalls and machete through 7 feet grass. A truly magical experience off the beaten path.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on June 5, 2006

Trek up into the mountains around Fundong and meet a family from the Fulani tribe. Walk through the village and meet the friends and relatives (there are many!!) Walk for water with the children. Stop at the local market and buy some fresh fruit. Walk to the waterfalls and caves. Ride horses and milk cows. Pound fufu-corn for dinner. Talk and roast corn round a fire pit. Share dinner with the family and listen to stories from long ago. Sleep in the traditional mud brick house with a real Fulani family...The simple life is an experience few of us know but for me turned out to be the best. To do this you need to get in touch with BERUDEP either in Belo, Njinicom or Fundong (there are different ho...Read More



Getting TO/AROUND: Take a shared taxi from Bamenda to some of the villages in the highlands.

Taxis leave from Nkwan park and you may have to change at mile 4 depending on other passengers destinations.


Bamenda - Belo = 900cfa (45 minutes)

Bamenda - Njinikom = 1200cfa (1 hour)

Bamenda - Fundong = 1500cfa (80 minutes)

Taxis run every 5 or 10 minutes and leave as soon as they are full. A taxi is considered full when it has 4 passengers in the back and 3/4 in the front however the journey is quite smooth as the road is newly tarmacked all the way to Fundong.