Bucharest Journals

Dealing With Taxis in Bucharest

A June 2006 trip to Bucharest by okiebob

Quote: Taxi drivers in Bucharest are famous for ripping off new arrivals...
Con-artist taxis do a lot to hurt the image of Bucharest, and Romania, and word-of-mouth of travellers crossing Eastern Europe often echoes the rip-offs that start at the Bucharest train station. Many new arrivals walk out of the Gara de Nord (Bucharest's main train station) and find goons plugging yellow taxis charging exortionate (though slightly legal) rates to get you to your hotel or hostel. I've heard of some visitors paying $150 for a $5 or $10 ride!Try to avoid these guys at all costs. They're pretty much all jerks.If you have access to a phone, you can call in a taxi and wait for it. A couple reliable companies include Cobalcescu (tel 021-945), Cris Taxi (tel 021-9461), Taxi S...Read More