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County Wicklow the Garden of Ireland!

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A May 2006 trip to County Wicklow by ladyanne47

Ballyknocken House and Cooking School Photo, County Wicklow, Ireland More Photos
Quote: The east side of Ireland, in County Wicklow, is a milder, softer place.

County Wicklow the Garden of Ireland!

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Landscape of County Wicklow countryside. Photo, County Wicklow, Ireland
Wicklow is breathtakingly beautiful with its wonderful lakes, coastline and mountains but is most especially known for it's treasury of magnificent gardens. Visiting in May was a great choice. Gardens are showing off wonderfully this time of year. Formal Gardens, Victorian, Robinsonian, Cottage, Ornamental and much more abound throughout "The Garden of Ireland" that awaits you with a special welcome.We arrived in Dublin early in the morning, and after taking a jaunt over to the Castlemount House outside of Dublin, we then continued onto County Wicklow where we had our first reservation of our holiday for 2 nights in Ashford. It was much different than the Western part of Ireland which we ...Read More
Ballyknocken House and Cooking School Photo, County Wicklow, Ireland
Ballyknocken House and Cooking School is a rare gem. Catherine the hostess IS Irish hospitality to a "T," her cooking excellent and her home utterly charming! The shocking pink dining room was a delight and the food served there even more delightful.The peace and tranquility of Ballyknocken, and its care and attention, homey log fires, gardens, wonderful walks on site, award winning breakfasts, dinner and wines make them a popular choice for a holiday or short break.Their love of good food has led to the opening of Ballyknocken Cookery School. They place a great emphasis on the use of local and garden ingredients in their modern Irish style of country cooking. Ballyknocken House i...Read More

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Ballyknocken House and Cooking School
Glenealy, Ashford, County Wicklow
Glenealy , Ireland
+353 (404) 44627

Avoca Handweavers

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Attraction | "Avoca Village Hand Weavers Mill"

Avoca Handweavers Photo, County Wicklow, Ireland
Located at Avoca Village, Avoca Hand Weavers is the oldest working mill in Ireland today and dates from 1723. Visitors are welcome to watch the whole weaving process and to examine the yarns. The adjacent mill shop houses the complete Avoca range of clothing and a wide variety of the fine Irish crafts. This was our first day of exploring Ireland after we arrived the day before and crashed at our place of lodging. We were so happy we had chosen to spend 2 days in the Wicklow area, it is just wonderful and a great introduction to the charming Irish culture.We had the greatest lunch across from the Hand Weavers shop. What a lovely little village, no wonder the famous British series "Ballykissan...Read More

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Avoca Handweavers
The Mill at Avoca Village
County Wicklow

The Enchantment of Glendalough

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St. Kevin's early Christian church. Co. Wicklow. Glendalough Photo, Glendalough, Ireland
Glendalough without a doubt is my favorite place to visit in Ireland. It left me with a sense of renewal and connection to all that is what Ireland is really about. I am not sure if it was a spiritual renewal, but it felt like all my senses were screaming with intensity. It swept over and engulfed me with intense joy and peace. You must take a whole morning or afternoon to soak it all in. To rush this experience is to cheat yourself.Glendalough has earned its reputation as the most popular place for visitors in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, and I would guess of all the eastern part of Ireland.‘The valley of the two lakes’ is famous for its wild beauty, plants, wildlife, its rich ...Read More

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Wicklow Golf Course on foggy day. Photo, County Wicklow, Ireland
We made the right choice to stay in the Wicklow area for a couple of days before heading across central Ireland to the west coast. It gave us time to catch our breath from our flight, and to soak in the Irish culture and charm. County Wicklow was very diverse as most counties are in Ireland. It was fun to just explore with no particular plan and we enjoyed the back roads as well as the Wicklow village golf course and beaches. We love plants and enjoyed finding the shell plants in the dunes. We looked like little kids in a sandbox. The town of Wicklow, a seaport and the county seat, is located south-southeast of Dublin. St. Mantan built a church there in the 5th century; and the tow...Read More

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