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Jack Kerouac, Railroads, a State Prison, and More

A May 2006 trip to Tracy by kustom57

Quote: Tracy has grown by leaps and bounds as the San Francisco Bay Area continues to expand.

Jack Kerouac, Railroads, a State Prison, and More

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Jack Kerouac wrote in his novel "On the Road." "Yes, indeed, I said to myself, look out now, and I hung on. You never saw a driving fool like that. He made Tracy in no time. Tracy is a railroad town; brakemen eat surly meals in diners by the tracks. Trains howl away across the valley."As I drove through California's Central Valley, I tried to keep this passage in mind, if just to make my trip more exciting for me. The hot summer sun was high in the sky and a dry breeze blew through the valley. I arrived in Tracy to find that driving on the freeway was near impossible. I exited the freeway at McArthur Boulevard and saw a sign for an outlet center. I decided that I wanted to get out for ...Read More

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