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A June 2003 trip to Switzerland by chaseshishorse

Quote: Bless my homeland, precision machinery, modern architecture, public transit, mineral baths, and crazed elderly women in laundromats for-eeeee-ver.

Therme Vals

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A word of advice: come to Vals before you die. Really. But not from November to December, or April to May. Because they're closed. Make reservations well in advance, because it's no good to haul your cookies all the way there to find they're full.Perched high in the Alps, the baths were designed by local-boy-made-good Peter Zumthor, whose buildings pepper Switzerland and send architects and designers into a froth of nerdy excitement. Cantilevered planes and slices of light hold pockets of water, punched windows frame perfect views. It's a designer's giddiest fantasy.But first, the boring stuff: by public transit, take a train from Zurich/Munich to Chur, switch trains and head for Ilanz...Read More

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