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A May 2006 trip to St. Louis by anna195

Van Goghz Martini Bar & Bistro Photo, St. Louis, Missouri More Photos
Quote: St. Louis has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs. I try to experience a new place every time I visit.

Momos Greek Taverna

Best Of IgoUgo

Restaurant | "Momo's Greek Tavern"

Momos Greek Taverna Photo, St. Louis, Missouri
Try a sampling of several Greek dishes. I am not experienced enough to give a review of every menu item, but I can guarantee that whatever you order will be superbly delicious. Personally, I have had the Papou, which is made with shell pasta, artichokes, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and feta. I have also sampled their Hummus spread with pita bread—excellent! Third, I tried the Spanikopita, which consists of phyllo baked with spinach, leeks, and feta. They also have a wide variety of drinks from the bar. Finally, they feature a belly dancer for your entertainment while you dine. I highly recommend this restaurant located in University City, the heart of St. Louis. The restaurant has a very open,...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on May 30, 2006

Momos Greek Taverna
630 N And South Rd
St. Louis, Missouri
(314) 863-3511

Van Goghz Martini Bar & Bistro

Restaurant | "Van Goghz Martini Bar & Bistro"

Van Goghz Martini Bar & Bistro Photo, St. Louis, Missouri
"Sitting on the cozy corner of Shenandoah and Compton, Van Goghz Martini Bar & Bistro opens its doors at 4pm Tuesday through Saturday to let thirsty patrons in to enjoy an atmosphere most artfully described as 'a masterpiece of great people, great drinks, and great decor.'"
A great place to meet up with your friends and enjoy an excellent martini or two while you reminisce or chat about the happenings of the day. You will not find a better martini in St. Louis. They are a little pricey, but well worth it.
The service is excellent and Van Goghz is one of my favorite places to visit when I am in St. Louis.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 15, 2007

Van Goghz Martini Bar & Bistro
3200 Shenandoah Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63104
(314) 865-3345

Thai Gai Yang Cafe


The setting is very simple, and it is a pleasant, clean, and quiet atmosphere. The food is excellent and the service is very fast. I love the Tofu Pad Thai and the Vegetable Spring Rolls. I am sure any dish you get will be wonderful. Located on the Loop so you can get some shopping before or after you dine. There are a lot of unique shops up and down the Loop and I recommend them all!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 15, 2007

Thai Gai Yang Cafe
6250 Delmar Blvd
St. Louis, Missouri 63130
(314) 862-4400

First of all, I have to say that the bacon served here is the best bacon you will ever eat anywhere. It is cooked just right and has the perfect thickness and flavor. I don't know what they do to make it so wonderful! This restaurant serves breakfast 24 hours a day, which is perfect for me because I sometimes enjoy pancakes or French toast later in the evening. This restaurant has a very "homey" atmosphere and the prices are reasonable. You should definitely try Uncle Bill's for breakfast the next time you're in St. Louis!

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on January 16, 2007

Uncle Bill's Pancake and Dinner House
3427 S. Kingshighway Blvd
St. Louis
(314) 832-1973

Definitely try the calamari and/or spring rolls here. The iced coffee is great, too. My favorite dish is the Bo Luc Lac, which is diced steak and vegetables. Anything you order at this restaurant will be wonderful! The service is some of the friendliest I have experienced in St. Louis. The prices are extremely reasonable. I have eaten there by myself and the tab was less than $15. When you arrive, there may be trouble finding parking as the street is slightly narrow and most streets in that are are one-way. But it is well worth the trouble!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 16, 2007

Miss Saigon Restaurant
6101 Delmar Blvd
St. Louis, Missouri 63112
(314) 863-4949