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Tales of a Travelling Englishman (Part 10 - Costa Rica)

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A July 2006 trip to Costa Rica by Shady Ady

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Quote: A week by week account of my travels throughout the world. This chapter focuses on my stay in Costa Rica working on two coffee farms.
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Approaching two weeks now I have been living and working like a true Costa Rican and I'm not 100% sure it's the life for me, although there is no denying the outstanding beauty on offer here! Just like Poland, it was a case of ‘de ja vu’ upon arriving into the capital San Jose, as the only songs to be heard blaring through the radio was a mega-mix of James Blunt, Robbie Williams, TATU and a nice selection of Christmas songs! I have to admit that I was always a fan of James Blunt, but after 2 weeks of virtually nothing but him, I am slowly being driven towards insanity!From first impressions there seems to be a lot of American influence here, including unhealthy fast food outlets on every oth...Read More
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With only a few days left in Costa Rica, i thought i would update you all before travelling on to Peru.The hard labour i have been experiencing on the coffee plantation has continued without much incidence and i have even had the pleasure of taking part in farming activities other than picking coffee. As well as helping to kill a mother rat and her nine babies, chase a cow with a small stick (all in the name if milk!) and accidentally picking up a couple of tarantulas, i am also now an expert in the second phase of coffee production, extracting the coffee bean.I was thinking this would be a little easier than fighting angry ants and caterpillars all day long, but i was slightly wrong. ...Read More
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The final few days of my time in Costa Rica was spent in the capital San Jose and seeing that this city has very little to offer in terms of sightseeing and pleasurable activities I decided to sign up to a 4 in 1 tour, taking in some of the most outstanding scenic points located around the city.Paying the pricey sum of $82, more than twice the price it cost to live on the coffee plantation I was working on, I was expecting a lot from this trip, but like previous experiences, something always seems to go wrong when I try and enjoy myself!First stop on the tour was the nearby active Poas Volcano. I already knew that there was no chance of seeing any flowing red lava, but I have to admit ...Read More

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After studying the huge variety of tour operators and different tours on offer that leave from San Jose every day, I decided to go with Expediciones Tropicales. This choice wasn’t really down to price, as the tour I had decided to choose was virtually the same as any of the others on offer. It was down to the detailed information they provided about each of the tours they run.After hours (a slight exaggeration there!), I decided that the $82 4-in-1 tour was the best for our time limit of one day. This tour took in Poas Volcano, La Paz Waterfalls, Sarapiqui River, and Braulio National Park. Other tours on offer included trips around San Jose, the rainforest, coast and tropical paradise islands....Read More
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During my time in Costa Rica, I was lucky enough to volunteer my services (or lack of them!) at a number of farms, but my time spent at La Finca Rocio was by far the best and most rewarding.I happened to come across this farm purely by chance, as I was volunteering at a neighbouring farm, and although I wanted new experiences, I was more than happy with the scenery and location where I was currently living, near to the cloud forest, waking up to hummingbirds and colourful butterflies every morning.La Finca Rocio is located about 90 minutes from San Isidro, and for $5 a person per night, you get to live in the family home with Rocio, her husband Poncho, and their three children. This al...Read More