Pagosa Springs Journals

A Visit to the Hot Springs

A May 2006 trip to Pagosa Springs by johnstravels

Quote: Going to the mineral hot springs was an enjoyable, but smelly, experience.

The Hot Springs of Pagosa Springs

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There are naturally occurring mineral hot springs located in Colorado. Pagosa Springs is a primary location. The springs are diverted into different pools and temperatures controlled by adding cold water. The starting temperature of the water is 145°F and is cooled down to between 98°F and 110°F. You can then choose in which temperature you would like to enjoy and relax. The drawback to the springs is the strong smell of sulfur. If you can ignore the smell then the springs are quite refreshing and soothing to a tired aching body. Through the years these springs have been considered a medical healing treatment for the body. After your visit, it is essential to shower with soap in the av...Read More