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Monaco Grand Prix Flash Back

A September 2004 trip to Monaco by skeptic

Monaco Harbor Photo, Monaco, Europe More Photos
Quote: Forty years ago "Grand Prix" brought the race to the big screen. Retrace the Monaco Grand Prix that never happened.

Monaco Flash Back

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Monaco Harbor Photo, Monaco, Europe
The Principality of Monaco is about the size of a tomato patch and is situated ideally on the south coast of France It is kept solvent by sporting one of the grandest and most famous gambling casinos in the world. Over a hundred years ago Monaco abolished all taxation, making it a haven for many who have amassed a considerable wad and seek not to share it.Once a year Monaco hosts the most spectacular automobile race in the world. Since 1929 world championship races have been run on a course that snakes through Monaco’s winding streets. To emphasize just how winding, note that cars capable of topping 200 miles per hour manage to average just 88 miles per hour around the two-mile circuit. Cha...Read More

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