Temecula Journals

Wine and History in Temecula, CA

A travel journal to Temecula by Elli Metz

Quote: A satellite of a satellite, Temecula could just be a small-town suburb. Instead, it's a wine and history mecca.

Wine and History in Temecula, CA


You can't miss taking a couple winery tours while you're in the area. Temecula is known for them, and there are several in a row on the west side of I-15. Old Town/Front Street has developed into a wonderful antiques and thrift store district, with an old west clapboard feel that seems time-weathered, even though it's all new. And the part that IS all new -- the mall area -- has a variety of shops that rivals much larger cities. Quick Tips: Come here for the antiques and the deals. You won't find anywhere better than Old Town for antiquing -- and you can find some pretty incredible bargains on thrift store items, as well. The dining here is varied -- you'll be able to find anything you...Read More