Shimla Journals

Touts and Sadhus

A May 2006 trip to Shimla by tammyhayano

Quote: This segment of my trip would fall under the "interesting people I met" category.

Touts and Sadhus


The touts/porters were pretty obnoxious here. "No, not 20Rs for carrying your bag. I said 200Rs!" "No, it is 30Rs to carry your bag to Bridgeview Hotel. But you stay at Ridgeview Hotel. Very far. You must give me 50Rs." (Yeah, as if they didn't already have this town mapped out.) Once you get past all that, Shimla is a pleasant place to kick back for a few days. (Or more if you have diarrhea, like my friend did!) There's fantastic restaurants (cashew curry!), Baskin Robbins (mint choc chip!), great coffee (actually difficult to find, as Nescafe is favored in India), a sprawling, funky bazaar, happy Indian tourists, amusing monkeys, and everything that Delhi isn't (cool climate, mountain views, quiet...Read More