Philadelphia Journals

Philadelphia's Weird Side

A travel journal to Philadelphia by Elli Metz

Quote: I moved here in 1995 for college and a boy. As such, I got to know the city, believing that I'd stay there for life. This is an insider's view.

Philadelphia's Weird Side

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Philadelphia is a city of history. It's also a city of old money, as evidenced by the architecture and focus of Center City. There's a lot of info available on the tourist traps, though. Philadelphia has a weirder side to it. Places like: Logan Square -- a park where the LOVE statue is located, which used to be a public gallows. The Mummers Museum -- an nobody but a Mummer seems to know what a Mummer is, exactly. The Medical Museum -- which showcases the bizarre and the macabre from medicine through the ages. The Asylum -- an underground goth nightclub that may or may not be closed down -- this week. South Street -- where mohawks and bu...Read More