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Bahrain From an Expat's Perspective

A March 2006 trip to Bahrain by mikiks

Quote: An insider's perspective from numerous visits with my sister who now lives in Bahrain.

Bahrain From an Expat's Perspective

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When you travel to the Middle East, mention Bahrain to any local person and undoubtedly a smile will come to their face and they will say, "Good people, in Bahrain... good people." The people within Bahrain make the country a gem of the Middle East. They are incredibly friendly, good-natured people, which makes traveling there a joy. Bahrain is a more liberal country that takes pride in being a financial hub of the Middle East, and is for the most part accepting of Westerners. However, although many Bahrainees seem to embrace Western culture, many abide by strict social norms that must be respected, such as being discrete in dating. The highlight for me was in seeing how modernity and traditio...Read More

Tree of Life


This supposed miraculous 400-year-old sprawling tree is out in the middle of the desert, with no known source of water, and is "without any other vegetation in sight." However, when we drove up there, and got a tiny bit lost due to virtually no signs, we saw another smaller tree about 200 yards from the Tree of Life. That kind of ruined the miraculousness for us! BUT the drive out there through the desert was worth it, because we were able to see other parts of Bahrain throughout our drive through towns, the desert, past industrial sites, and a couple of small oil wells. Unfortunately, the tree itself is not very well kept, as there is graffiti on it and cute kids climbing all over it....Read More

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