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Hale Makai Cottages - Kauai Beach Rentals

A May 2006 trip to Kauai by JasonGW

Quote: Just returned from the most amazing vacation I have ever had. We usually travel to hotels and resort but thought this time it would be fun to rent a private rental. Hale Makai Cottages is a vacation rental right on the Pacific Ocean.

Hale Makai Cottages - Kauai Beach Rentals


Traveling with a group of friends, Hale Makai Cottages allowed us to barbecue, chat under the sun, and lounge around on the beach catching up on each others lives. It truly worked out to be the best vacation. We each had our own cottage, which was perfect for privacy, but during the day and for dinner we could all come together on the property and enjoy each others company.

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The Cottages align the Pacific Ocean and are surrounded by great landscaping. The setting is very natural and tropical. Tons of orchids, pulmeria and our favorite was the fruit tears. Inside the cottage we had a full kitchen, one bedroom, one bath and a large deck to barbecue and relax on. The cottage was very clean, simple and breezy. We could enjoy the sounds of the ocean from any place in the cottage.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on May 17, 2006

Hale Makai Cottages
4400 OneOne Rd.
Kauai, Hawaii
(808) 510-841-4474

This is the perfect place for any traveler. Be it a romantic honeymoon, a family trip, or a plain old vacation this property is ideal. I would highly recommend gathering up all your close ones, family, or friends and planning a trip. Book in advance if you do end up needing a few cottages. It's perfect, you still have privacy of your own cottage but the amazing grounds to come together and enjoy the island. The property is large enough for kids to play safely and to sit around in a large group sunning yourself.