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Old San Juan,The People Make It Special

A February 2001 trip to San Juan by Bruce

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Quote: When arriving in Old San Juan the history of this place amazed me.Even better than the history were the people and the food.The gambling there however,was not just different,but lousy.

Old San Juan,The People Make It Special


Taxis Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Visit The Castillo de San Felipe del Morro.
Visit The Old City Gate.
Check out the street artists.
Sip suds at Bohemios on Christo Street.
Eat Mofongo at Ajili Mojili.
Gamble at one of the casino's at you're own risk.

Quick Tips:

Be careful with money there.
Negotiate you're cab fare in advance.
Don't gamble at the casino's as they have strange rules and practices.
Don't be a shopaholic, San Juan is not a duty free port.

Best Way To Get Around:

Taxis or publicos. I prefer the taxis. Negotiate the fare ahead of time. Walking in Old San Juan is pleasant and safe,(a cop on almost every street).

Ajili Mojili

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After meeting Angel and Julie and their son Angel on a cruise to The Grand Bahamas in July of last year,I contacted them when I found we were going to be in San Juan, Puerto Rico as they live there. I made a dinner date with these folks, and asked them to make a reservation at their favorite restaurant there. I asked Angel to select a restaurant which served Puerto Rican Cuisine. I explained that if I wanted McDonalds, I would have remained in the states. The restaurant they selected fit the bill just right. When I told the cab driver where we wanted to go, he had one comment, "they do it right." The second we entered Ajili Mojili we knew we had received good advice. The place was pac...Read More

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Ajili Mojili
1052 Ashford Avenue
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907
+1 787 725 9195

El Morro/Castillo de San Felipe del Morro Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
When we arrived in Old San Juan,the first thing I wanted to see was El Morro Fortress.I've long read that this is the best preserved fortress in the New World,and I now know that to be true. The place is pristine. For it's day this fort had to be of incredable importance in the defence of the city. Looking over the walls toward the sea as ships enter immediately shows that anything entering the harbor would be under the guns of El Morro. It is no wonder the construction of San Christobal became necessary to protect against land invasion. Facing El Morro at that time would have been a daunting task,and land invasion would have been an attractive alternative. Life at El Morro would have...Read More

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El Morro/Castillo de San Felipe del Morro
On San Juan Bay Calle Norzagaray
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
(787) 729 6960

Stroll The Streets of Old San Juan

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The Ampsterdam Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
After we visited El Morro Fortress my wife and I felt like walking. Everything just seemed too interesting to pass over by taking a cab. We soon found ourselves on Christo Street,walking downhill toward the port. Soon we found ourselves thirsty and stopped at a little bar known as Bohemio. A quick beer and we were again walking to find a camera. Our camera had been damaged, costing us a great roll of film and for El Morro Fortress we used a disposable. We bought an inexpensive Advantix camera at Walgreens and went outside to load some film. Once outside I tore and fought with the camera packaging, all was no use. Then,a man sitting on a bench in the square summoned me over and said we ...Read More