Grand Canyon Journals

Grand to say the least!

An April 2006 trip to Grand Canyon by Patti Albrandt

Quote: The world's perfect mixtures of colors, sky, wildlife, and deep canyons

Grand to say the least!


The Grand Canyon is truly grand! As you're entering the park, you find yourself in the forest and as you continue to drive to overlooks, it comes at you with a boom! There is the one of the wonders of the world inviting you to drink it in.Take advantage of all the ranger led talks. We were able to learn about the resurrection of the California Condor and lucky enough to see one overhead during the ranger's presentation. There are plenty of hiking, museum, cultural opportunities. Take advantage of the free bus systems to the overlooks. Many of them are closed off to public vehicles to help reduce pollution.In order to see the Colorado River from the South Rim, you need to drive east to Moran Point. The...Read More
The Bright Angel Lodge is an affordable retreat from a day's hiking. No frills, i.e. no TV. The rooms are basic with only bathtubs instead of showers. You can rent a room with a shared bath that is cheaper.

You need to make a reservation through Xanterra months prior to going. Early spring and late fall are perfect times to beat the heat.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on May 11, 2006

Bright Angel Lodge
South Rim of the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon, Arizona
(303) 297-2757

Bright Angel Trail


This is a perfect trail for anyone visiting Grand Canyon. You can go as far as you want reaching the bottom of the canyon to the Colorado River; however, it is not recommended to try it in one day.

There are stops along the way to get water/toliets and to rest. Remember, it's easier going down than coming up. It is very steep in places. You must stay hydrated! Especially if the weather is warm.

Check out the petroglyphs on the cliff walls after the first tunnel. Wonderful to see the cultural/historic remnants are still in place for all to enjoy.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 11, 2006

Bright Angel Trail
Begins near the main Visitor Center complex
Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023
(928) 638-7888