Gibraltar Journals

Ah, Gibraltar!

A May 2004 trip to Gibraltar by lyss710

Quote: We were about 2 weeks into a 3-week trip through Spain. We spent an afternoon in Gibraltar on our way from Tarifa to Nerja.

Ah, Gibraltar!


We most enjoyed just strolling through town and people watching and sightseeing, although my husband would say the highlight was taking the cable car up the hill and having a monkey sit on his shoulder. What is it with guys and monkeys anyway? I just don't get it!Quick Tips: If you are just doing a day trip to Gibraltar, I highly recommend that you park in Spain and walk across the border—you avoid the long lines of cars waiting to cross the border and parking is cheaper in Spain (most everything is cheaper in Spain, actually). We parked at an underground lot just a couple of blocks from the border that our guidebook recommended.Best Way To Get Around: Walk. It's such a small area th...Read More