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A May 2006 trip to Los Angeles by Seaotter71

E3: Sensory Overload Photo, Los Angeles, California More Photos
Quote: Industry connections are necessary. This journal contains description of events and places not open to the casual tourist, but still accessible with a little effort

E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo

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E3: Sensory Overload Photo, Los Angeles, California
E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo and is the video game industry’s largest annual trade show in the world. Read: Only open to game industry professionals and not to the public at large. If you are not in the industry you will have to score an invitation from someone in the industry or finagle your way in some other way. But it is worth the effort. In 2005 over 70,000 people showed up to preview the video game industry’s newest and sexiest wares. Once you score a pass in, the overload will happen almost instantly. Neon, special effects, loud music, humongous video displays showing quickly edited video game cut scenes, and skimpily dressed booth babes will leave you needing a couple of weeks o...Read More