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An April 2006 trip to Venice by Vulvamp

Quote: Why I'll be boycotting the Venice Beach Sidewalk cafe and have my food and drinks elsewhere: Cafe owner backs draconian ordinance that restricts the use of the boardwalk by artists (shame... have a VIP card that gives 20% discount).

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New ordinance castrates the art scene.  The good news: There seems to be a prioritization in place that favors artists over commercial (buy/sell) type products and items not authored by the seller.  The really bad news: Every 5th square (1 square = 2 1/2') between the "free speech" spaces, and every 2 squares in front of garbage bins have been put off limits for artists and performers, effectively eliminating almost 25% of the boardwalk. Any artist with a painting or an easel higher than 4' or taking more than 10' of space, is subject to a citation.  I understand the necessity of removing functional items, commercial items, or items with questionable expressive value. There ...Read More

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Venice Beach Art Hunt
Venice Beach, California