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A February 2006 trip to Delhi by Jolinar

Quote: Three days in this city our entry port to this special country. Tres dias en esta ciudad, nuestro punto de entrada a este pais tan especial.

Hotel Ajanta

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Ajanta Hotel is a good option to consider for your first night in India, it’s a bit expensive for the area but the plus is the free pick up service to the airport, which in my experience was very reliable. My flight arrived at Delhi airport around midnight and it was really comforting to see that somebody was waiting for us with my name on a paper.I’ve read some reports about problems with overbooked rooms, even when my booking was made by email and without any advance payment, I didn’t have any problems. For further information visit room was clean and comfortable, private bathroom, television, air-conditioner and room service. The hotel has their own travel agency as well and...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on April 30, 2006

Hotel Ajanta
36 Arakashan Road, Ram Nagar
New Delhi 110055
+91 (11) 29562097