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Memorable Meals

An April 2006 trip to Geneva by Mark Entwistle

Quote: One memorable meal in Geneva's old town with a mixture of friends and business associates.



It offers high-quality food: regional twists on standard European fare. Start of with the smoked salmon grated over an apple and onion compote, served with fresh crusty bread, which was excellent. The entree consisted of roast duckling served with rice noodles, garlic, and coriander pancakes drizzled with sesame oil. My dessert was a chocolate "brownie," with a crisp exterior and very soft core, served with fresh raspberries—excellent. The meal was complemented by local wines and the best cup of coffee that I've had in Geneva. It is in a wonderful location in the old town, within a very old building. Totally satisfying!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on April 28, 2006

Place de Bourg de Four
Geneva, Switzerland