Hokkaido Journals

Trees, Bears, Dogs and Leopards

A September 2005 trip to Hokkaido by horchatta

Quote: A journal that describes a snow leopard trek in Nepals's Himalaya and a brown bear experience in Hokkaido.

Trees, Bears, Dogs and Leopards


Trees, dogs, bears, and leopards. India is a spark of the ancient, now dazzling the curious traveller; jewels and riches oozing forth from an array of costumes, colours, smiling faces, palaces, and sunsets made for poetry. Astounding, yet delivered in a public toilet that is never cleaned. About 750 million Indians don’t have access to a toilet; that’s a fact told by the jocular curator of The Delhi Toilet Museum. Breathe in the wonder and gag on the effluence. Some don’t mind they say, adds to the flavour, another ingredient to savour, or to take away so to speak. However, nevertheless and but, my scowling face, screwed up to dampen the flow of potent air to my nostrils, may not have suggest...Read More