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A January 2006 trip to Jodhpur by AlexHerlt

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Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli

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Hotel | "KP Heritage Haveli"

Dear Friends, I lead a fairly nomadic life and stay in hotels and guest houses in several countries. I suppose I am used to sleeping in different beds every few nights, wake up in different surroundings and I suppose a guest house / hotel is pretty much just a means to get my head down and go to sleep. I hopefully also get a decent breakfast in the morning. I am not really worried what the establishment is like as long as it's clean, comfortable and the management and staff are at least friendly and helpful. But there was something about KP Heritage, Jodhpur which set it apart from other places I have stayed in.I discovered it quite by accident the day I arrived in Jodhpur, which was Sunday, 15th Janu...Read More

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Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli
Jodphur, India
(291) 263-3448