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An April 2006 trip to San Francisco by JesusW

Boudin Bakery Photo, San Francisco, California More Photos
Quote: A great airport to land at or to depart from.

Boudin Bakery

Restaurant | "Boudin Bakery at the SFO airport"

Boudin Bakery Photo, San Francisco, California
The food court at the SFO United Airlines terminal has good options, not just McDonald's and Starbucks. You can choose between Chinese, Mexican, Italian and I found a bakery offering sandwiches and soup.For what they advertise on site, Boudin has a name in San Francisco, I can see that on the different types of breads and offerings.I wanted to try the soup, they serve it on a bread-bowl, that is, they carve the inside of a big piece of round bread by way of cutting a hole on the top and removing just enough to make room for the soup and so you end eating the soup and the bowl. They offers were Clam Chowder and soup of the day but I don´t like seafood that much and so opted for ...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 22, 2006

Boudin Bakery
San Francisco Airport
San Francisco, California
(650) 827-6650

Desserts at North Terminal Photo, San Francisco, California
This is located at the food court of the North Terminal SFO.After having a nice lunch at Boudin Bakery I was craving dessert, so the logical option was to look at the guys with tons of cakes and pies and cookies, well, the service is horrible, the guy is just there to earn his pay but not doing a good job. My idea was to have a piece of cake and a cappuccino, but just looking at the attitude of this guy and the way he served the cake, I just opted to get my cake and pay, not wanting to wait for him to prepare a coffee, it would have taken hours just for that.The cake I chose was Strawberry cheese cake, it was good looking but the way they pack it seems so inhumane and artificial that I didn't enjoy it...Read More

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on April 25, 2006

Desserts at North Terminal
SFO Airport, North Terminal
San Francisco, California 94128
(650) 821-8211

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just decoration Photo, San Francisco, California
Using this airport is very, very (and I mean VERY) easy even if it´s your first visit.As long as you get the necessary information beforehand, you will have a really good time using this airport. The distance between terminals is huge, but they got the aerial tram that links all of them and also takes you to the BART terminal, yeah a Subway terminal inside the airport, wow. That is just great. It also takes you to the car rentals building which is a little far from the main terminal, but is just a matter of a couple minutes to ride the airtrain with all your luggage and get to your rented car.I loved not having to spend a hard time looking for transportation, as soon as I landed and passed trough Migr...Read More