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Amazing Day Trip

An April 2006 trip to Carmel by whatelb

Looking at the Ocean Photo, Carmel, California More Photos
Quote: A day trip to Carmel, California. One of the amazing beach spots along the West Coast.

Amazing Day Trip


Looking at the Ocean Photo, Carmel, California
Carmel-by-the-Sea is a small town that has a quiet and quaint look about it. However, it is home to some of the richest people in the world. Many exclusive shops and art galleries give Carmel the high-class look that it is known for today.Carmel is situated on the Monterey Peninsula in Monterey County, California.It is a very dog-friendly town, with its beaches and many restaurants open to your canine companions. br/Clint Eastwood was once the mayor of Carmel, and it is said that his influence on the small seaside community is still felt.Carmel began as an artist's colony; people such as Robert Lewis Stevenson and Angela Adams lived there.The residents of Carmel did not ...Read More

Carmel State Beach

Attraction | "Carmel Beach City Park"

Carmel State Beach Photo, Carmel, California
A wonderful stretch of white sand backed by cypress trees, Carmel Beach City Park feels like heaven on earth, there is plenty of room for families, surfers and dogs. Dogs are permitted to run off leash.

Parking is generally full, but there are spaces on ocean avenue.

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Carmel State Beach
Highway 1
Carmel, California

Carmel River Beach


Carmel River Beach Photo, Carmel, California
This beach is a less crowded option, with white sand and dunes, and a bird sanctuary where all kinds of birds make their home.

Dogs are not permitted off leash on this beach.

This particular beach is a little rocky, the sand is coarse under your feet when walking along the beach.

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Carmel River Beach
Carmelo Street
Carmel, California

There are more then 500 boutiques and art galleries located between Junipero and San Antonio Avenue on Ocean Avenue.

Classic Art Gallery: On the southeast corner of Ocean Avenue and Dolores.

Pilgrims Way Book Store and Secret Garden: On east Dolores between fifth and sixth.

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Boutiques and Art Galleries
Throughout Carmel
Carmel, California

Ansel Adams, photographer
Brad Pitt, actor
Roy Chapman Andrews, naturalist and explorer
Eric Berne, psychiatrist
Beverly Cleary, author
Mary DeNeale Morgan, painter
Clint Eastwood, actor and former mayor
James Ellroy, author
Percy Gray, painter
Robert A. Heinlein, author
Robinson Jeffers, poet
Sinclair Lewis, novelist
Jack London, novelist
Xavier Martinez, painter
Ira Remsen, chemist
Upton Sinclair, novelist and social reformer
George Sterling, poet
Robert Louis Stevenson, author
Edward Weston, photographer
Eric Schlosser, writer
Leon Panetta, former White House Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton