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Knoxville—Riverwalk and Historic Downtown

An April 2006 trip to Knoxville by jpalm1124

Volunteer Landing Photo, Knoxville, Tennessee More Photos
Quote: Knoxville—A day of riverwalks, forts, historic homes, and a garden.

Volunteer Landing

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Volunteer Landing Photo, Knoxville, Tennessee
If you should ever find yourself in the area of Knoxville on a nice sunny day with nothing to do, give Volunteer Landing a try. It's along the north shore of the Tennessee River in the downtown area and contains a 2-mile river walk. The Landing contains many things; among them are man-made waterfalls and fountains for the kids, young and old, to play in on the hot days of summer. There are three restaurants where you can relax and dine while watching the river traffic float by. As you explore the walk way be sure to watch out for their "Secret History," these include stories and facts about the city's history. They can be carved into the paving bricks or in slabs of marble and limestone along side the...Read More

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Volunteer Landing
956 Volunteer Landing Ln.
Knoxville 37915
(865) 633-5004