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Mesa/Tempe... Not Phoenix

A March 2006 trip to Mesa by pault36

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Quote: A couple days in Mesa while my wife was at a conference... a hike or two, a restaurant or two, and Beuliah the palm reader.
We had a vibrant casual dining experience here: good food, a friendly staff, and a real value for the cost, with auguas frescas and good flan. It has atmosphere of a sort; the busyness of lunch enhanced the experience, which is not something I'd usually say.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 18, 2006

Mango's Mexican Cafe
44 West Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85201
(480) 464-5700



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It's just a pawn shop, but us Northerners, or, more accurately, Northeasterners, aren't all that accustomed to pawning guns, or perhaps it's just fellows of my ilk. It was a "we're not in Kansas (or New York) anymore" moment when I saw this pawn shop.