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Osaka to Sapporo: 1 Month to Explore Japan

A February 2006 trip to Japan by forkandpen

Kanpai Photo, Tokyo, Japan More Photos
Quote: Rail pass in hand and a thin plan, I set out to see and live in Japan for a month.

Osaka to Sapporo: 1 Month to Explore Japan

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Kanpai Photo, Tokyo, Japan
Japan is a country full of contradictions. The woman saying excuse me to you while she shuffles pass is wearing a Kimono and texting on her cell phone at blazing speeds. A beautiful shrine is right next to a Starbucks-like coffee shop. I think the best way to enjoy a trip to Japan is to take it all in. Don't push against it. Go to the far-off sushi shop. Hang out with a bunch of guys at a bathhouse. When a girl smiles at you and says, "I need a man," smile back at her and tell her in broken Japanese that she has you mistaken for someone else.Everyone should go to Tokyo and Kyoto, but if you have some extra time, there is so much else to see. Osaka has great food and a more relaxed vibe. Mor...Read More

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