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Spring Break in Madrid

An April 2006 trip to Madrid by chad413

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Quote: I recently went on a school trip through a group called NETC to Madrid over Spring Break. It was my first time in Europe, and it was awesome.

Spring Break in Madrid


Symbol of Madrid in Puerta Del Sol Photo, Madrid, Spain
The coolest thing to do in Spain is interact with the locals by strolling the streets with them on their evening paseos. The best place to go is Puerta Del Sol, the heart of the city. This section of a town is filled with great shops and restaurants. Another awesome place to go is the city of Toledo, an hour outside of town. This historical city is beautiful. I would also recommend visiting the palace of El Escorial.

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Best Way To Get Around:

The best way to get around is the Metro. It is affordable, between 1€ and 2€ for a one-way ticket. Travelling by car in the city can be a nightmare.
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I had a room that I shared with three other people. It was a decent-size room with four single beds and a nice sized bathroom. There were very nice people who worked in the hotel, and it was a very enjoyable and comfortable place to stay.

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Hotel Moderno
C/ Arenal, 2
Madrid, Spain 28013
+34 915 310 900

Prado Museum/Museo del Prado

Attraction | "Museo del Prado"

Prado Museum/Museo del Prado Photo, Madrid, Spain
This is a very nice museum filled with the works of Spanish artists, as well as works by many well-known Italians and Dutch artists. Some of the most famous paintings are those of Titian, Rembrandt, Velazquez, and El Greco. The museum is very easy to navigate and is a very enjoyable experience.

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Prado Museum/Museo del Prado
Calle Ruiz De Alarcón 23
Madrid, Spain 28014
+34 91 3302800

Toledo Daytrip

Attraction | "Day Trip to Toledo"

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The city of Toledo is absolutely breathtaking. When you first see the city, you think to yourself, "Is this a real city?" It looks like a place out of a movie. Situated on a hill, this city is close to 2,000 years old, and the Roman, Moorish, and Spanish influence can be seen throughout the city. A breathtaking cathedral in the center and many other churches line the narrow streets of Toledo. This is an amazing city to explore.

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Toledo Daytrip
40 miles SW of Madrid
Madrid, Spain