Raleigh Journals

To Grandmother's House We Go...

A May 2006 trip to Raleigh by britalo

Noa and Mommy Photo, Topsail Island, North Carolina More Photos
Quote: We flew to NC to visit my in-laws. There have been some new babies, and we got together to see the new faces and relax!

To Grandmother's House We Go...


I love the architecture in downtown Raleigh and the surrounding areas. There are some old Sears houses that are interesting.

Quick Tips:

Ask around for the best places to get authentic Carolina BBQ. The locals will have their favorite places which are probably the best places.

Best Way To Get Around:

Definitely rent a car. You'll want to go to the coast which is around 2-2 1/2 hrs. from Raleigh.

Topsail Island


Noa and Mommy Photo, Topsail Island, North Carolina
The day we went was very windy but the beach was still beautiful. My husband and I wanted to go to take our son for his first dip in the ocean! The beach stretches on forever and the sand is creamy white with lots of seashells to collect.

I really love the beach houses in Topsail. The architecture of beach houses is so unique to help withstand hurricanes and ocean weather. I loved just driving around imagining how fun it would be to have the whole family staying together just a few feet from the beach.

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