Edinburgh Journals

Picked Up by 12 50-Year-Old Women

A June 2004 trip to Edinburgh by Em2go

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Quote: The highlights of my weekend.

Picked Up by 12 50-Year-Old Women



Quick Tips:

Travel by Train.
Walk and take lots of Photos.
Sit in the Mist.
Have a Drink or Two.
Take a tour.
Visit historical and artistic places.
Enjoy the People.

Best Way To Get Around:

Tour Buses are very inexpensive for traveling around the city. The train was a great way to see the country side.
This is a nice place to stay. It is clean and quiet. If you would like to hike Arthur's Seat it is directly behind the buildings. It also has a great view. When I stayed here I think I was the only person besides a skeleton staff due to summer vacation. Nothing was going on within the dorm area, so check to see what will be open. It is away from all the hustle and bustle and only a short walk from more exciting things. If you don't mind walking or taking the bus and you want to save a lot of money then stay here. It was kind of hard to find at first so ask for directions.

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Edinburgh First
The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland EH16 5AY
+44 (131) 651 2007

This was an entirely forgettable museum for me. If you are interested in the History of War, then by all means stop by. I had been to the National War Museum of England and had found the art fascinating, so I decided to check out Scotland's.

I think I was one of three people in the tiny museum, the other two being workers. I walked through the dark rooms very quickly and did see things that would be quite interesting but I was on a time crunch. It would have been better in a group or on a tour.

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National War Museum of Scotland
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 2NG
+44 131 225 7534

Rabbies Bus Tours

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I highly suggest getting a bus-tour pass. They are not that expensive and you can get on and off all day. It will save you some walking and give you a bit of info. Take the live tour over the taped one if you are seeking a fun experience. If you are just looking for a ride, check the route and take whichever will be coming by next.

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Rabbies Bus Tours
207 High Street
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1PE
+44(0) 131 226 3133

Fun! There are a few different tours you can take, and the quality depends on your guide. The tour I chose ended in a pint. It was a nice way end to an evening of walking and storytelling. It was a nice way to learn some history and have some fun, too.

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Haunted Edinburgh Walking Tours
Tourist center on Princess Street
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1NS
+44 (0) 131 557 6464

This was just one of the museums I checked out during my quick visit. I only stayed for 2 days, so my time was very limited. There were many works of art that I was exited to see in person. I only wish I had more time to explore.

When you walk in the front doors, it suddenly seems very small and more like a gallery than a museum. But once you go in to the actual display areas you can start to see the size of the place. There are rooms tucked into every corner and level. Make sure you go up stairs for a truly wonderful surprise.

I could have spent the whole trip there if it had not been my last afternoon.

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National Gallery of Scotland
The Mound
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 2EL
+44 131 624 6509

I missed the tour, but the shop and information center were fun. I was able to find some nice gifts at a reasonable price. If you are a fan of Scotch Whisky, stop by.

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Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre
354 Castlehill
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 2NE
+44 131 220 0441

Passing Through (2) Photo, Scotland, United Kingdom
I decided to take the train so that I could see the countryside. Although I didn't think of when I was planning the excursion I was glad to avoid all the mess of the airport. It is just like another tube stop only there are trains. I had never taken a train before so I got there quite early. Next time I will sleep in a little more, but it did give me a chance to have some breakfast. Although I chose the cheapest ticket it was expensive on a tight budget. The cost does depend on when you want to go and where you are coming from but at almost any cost it was worth it for the view, it is amazing. I could see why artists had used such bright colors in their landscapes and why some travelers never ...Read More
On my first night in Edinburgh, I had nothing to do. Everything near Edinburgh First closed at 5pm (summer break), and I didn't feel like walking back up. I decided to walk around and see if I couldn't find a bite to eat. The little pub I found was quiet and cozy, so I sat in the corner with my pint and sketchbook to draw. After about half an hour, 12 fifty-ish women came into the pub. The seats around me were the only ones open, so they sat down and chatted away. They were incredibly friendly and told me all about their singing group. They also bought me another pint or two and taught me traditional children's songs. It really made my day. They were a hoot and a half!