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Maceio, Ponta Verde Beach to Relax

A March 2006 trip to Brazil by airpricing

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Quote: This is a place to relax...

Maceio, Brazil


Ponta verde beach Photo,
Maceio is a capital in the north east of Brazil, where the sun shines, and does not have the feeling of big capital, as it is quite a small city. You have the benefits of capitals, and the benefits of small cities.Ponta Verde, here described as such a WONDERFUL beach, hotels are not expensive, and you can find bed-and-breakfast costing around R$70 - US$35 - £18 per night (for couple or single).You can relax on the beach, and be served for the people who rent the chairs on the beach. The pair or chairs do not cost anything, it is Cents/Pence price. And beers, coconut water, juices, soft drinks are all also cheap for our rate of exchange.During the day, some people sell b...Read More

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