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Weekend at the Wynn Las Vegas

A February 2006 trip to Las Vegas by drbauer2000

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Quote: The new "resort" is big and beautiful, but the service was terrible.

Wynn Las Vegas

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Wynn Las Vegas Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada
We recently had a 3-night stay at the Wynn Las Vegas. We were disappointed at the lack of quality service we found there. Upon bring dropped off by the taxi at the resort entrance, no one came forward to help us with our bags or direct us to the registration desk. We dragged our bags through the unattended doors (no doormen?) and past the unattended bell desk to an overcrowded registration area. After standing in line for 30 minutes, we were assigned a room, but not asked if we needed help with our luggage, so we schlepped our own bags across the casino and up to our rooms. At the pool, I was wet and needed another towel to dry off and be warm. When I asked a pool attendant if there were...Read More

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Wynn Las Vegas
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