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A Cold December Day at Mogosaoia Palace

An April 2005 trip to Bucharest by jjpof

Mogosoaia Palace Photo, Bucharest, Romania More Photos
Quote: A beautiful if chilly afternoon ride from the centre of Bucharest

Mogosoaia Palace


Mogosoaia Palace Photo, Bucharest, Romania
A lunchtime departure from the centre of Bucharest gave us plenty of time to reach this beautiful old palace (about a 30 minute drive north and west of the city).Though it was a quiet December day, the palace car park was not empty. The palace itself cost only a few pence to visit, and we basically had the place to ourselves while we spent about an hour walking round.There was interesting furniture, art, and even old style fashion displays in the palace itself. BEWARE, don't attempt to take photos without being seen—the CCTV will catch you and the man at the door will demand the fee of about £2.The grounds adjacent to a lake are well laid out and interesting in themselv...Read More

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Mogosoaia Palace
10km from Bucharest on the shore of Mogosoaia Lake
Bucharest, Romania

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