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A March 2006 trip to Lake Louise by dch46

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Quote: We were looking for some snowshoeing opportunities, and found several lovely ones in Banff National Park. We stayed in a lodge very near Lake Louise, and made day trips out of it. An unexpected problem was the local cuisine... boring and expensive!!!

Deer Lodge


We had what was billed as a better room in Deer Lodge, one of the so-called Tower Rooms. The accommodations were comfortable, clean, well-maintained, and spacious enough for two. The lodge is a bit of a retreat, which means no television except for the one way below in the basement, and one computer available for guests, also in the basement. We didn’t mind these restrictions since we were there mostly to hike. The rooftop hot tub was very nice. The real issues I had with the lodge had to do with dining. The location, up very near to Lake Louise, means that the only dining places available are either in the lodge itself or a short walk down to the Chateau Lake Louise. One look at the prices in the...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on March 20, 2006

Deer Lodge
109 Lake Louise Drive
Lake Louise, Alberta T0L1E0
(403) 609-6150

Lake Louise Ski Area

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Lake Louise Ski Area Photo, Banff, Alberta
Over the 5 full days we stayed in Lake Louise, we had several excellent snowshoe hiking experiences. We are not skilled back-country skiers, that ability would have extended our range quite a bit, but we found plenty to keep us busy. Let me enumerate a few: Plain of Six Glaciers—immediately across Lake Louise from the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Skiing on the lake or along the path is flat and easy. Once at the end of the lake, the path is well-marked, but steep for climbing in skis. I wish we had brought our snowshoes. We did get up to the cirque that lies at the foot of the ring of mountains, and the views were wonderful. Even with relatively limited back-country skiing ability, we wer...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on March 20, 2006

Lake Louise Ski Area
Junction of TransCanada Highway and Highway 93
Banff National Park, Alberta T0L 0C0
+1 403 522 3555

Not a good experience. See the lodging section of this review. Very few options, with tired menus and high prices. The only other real choice is Banff, about 35 miles away.

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