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Mountain Club on Loon

A January 2006 trip to Lincoln by mikekuch

Quote: Skiing at loon.

The Mountain Club on Loon

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Best Things Nearby:Ski in and out!Best Things About the Resort:You never have to leave—indoor pool, bar, place to eat. You don't have to step outside.Resort Experience:If you love to ski, go here and ski in and out. I have stayed here twice. The first time I had a studio with a parking lot view, this didn't bother us too much because there is a lot to do. The second time I requested a mountain view.The staff is very pleasant, and the room is clean and nice. I will go back soon. Hope to see you there! Unit Type: Studio Activities: Excellent Amenities...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on March 19, 2006

The Mountain Club on Loon
90 Loon Mountain Rd.
Lincoln, New Hampshire 03251



Loon skiing is great, and the snow making is very friendly. They have good wide trails, but could use a little more fencing—that's just me. Despite a hard year on most slopes, they had very good conditions this year. They worked hard on the trails, and it paid off.