Amsterdam Journals

Our First Trip to Amsterdam

A March 2005 trip to Amsterdam by jat4087

Quote: It is a beautiful and contradictory city. I love their "live and let live" attitude.
A great small hotel, with a perfect location, and beautiful surroundings. It is close to museums, Voldenpark, and Leidseplein.

The rooms are small, but very clean and modern looking. There is a small elevator, a friendly staff, and free Internet in the lobby. The little bar is nice as well.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on March 18, 2006

Tulip Inn Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam, Netherlands
31 20 6834935

Instead of paying for tours of the city, we used Rick Steves' book (Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges). The book guides you step by step to discover things in the city that otherwise you will miss. His directions and instructions are clear, precise, and correct. Coffeshops are great, it was a lot of fun hopping around to different ones.