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Tongan Paradise

An October 2005 trip to Tonga by tinajkatz

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Quote: We most enjoyed Ha'apai, a less-visited island where you can really delight in the best of Tonga, avoid signs of tourism, meet the locals, and still enjoy all the creature comforts at Sandy Beach Resort. Great snorkeling, kayaking, biking, and so much more!

Tongan Paradise


Snorkeling is heavenly. The varied, and exotic, corals grow close to the surface, so it is best to float without much movement to keep from scaring the nearby fish. You feel the gentle rhythm of the water—almost like when you inhale and exhale—and it's just you out there in this strange and beautiful ocean world.

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Best Way To Get Around:

Bicycles served most of our needs, and it was pretty flat. At Sandy Beach, the hosts regularly drive into town and will take you along at no cost. Taxis are also available.

Sandy Beach Resort

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Sandy Beach Resort Photo, Tonga, South Pacific
Check website: www.sandybeachresort.deLoved everything about Tonga, but this was my favorite place. Great snorkeling right out the front door, and easy kayaking trips to nearby uninhabited island with fascinating history (hosts will gladly tell you stories if you want!). You are at the outermost tip of Ha'apai, removed from any signs of tourism, but not far from the locals. The hotel has bicycles in all sizes that you can use to ride into the nearby village where people wave to you from their front doors. And you can go into "town" with a few bed-and-breakfasts, a restaurant, and a couple places where you can buy groceries, but Sandy Beach has the best food on the island! We paid $120/night...Read More

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Meeting the Locals


In addition to all the great water sports, it is easy to meet people who live in Ha'apai, and I even volunteered to teach English at the nearby school one day. It made me locally famous, and kids greeted me by name everywhere in the village.