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Get on the Bus to Belfast

A February 2006 trip to Belfast by midtownmjd

Bobby Sands Mural Photo, Belfast, Northern Ireland More Photos
Quote: "It’s the best place in the world when they’re not fighting." We heard this over and over again as we spent a day exploring Belfast.

Get on the Bus to Belfast



Quick Tips:

The bus from Dublin to Belfast is three scenic hours and only €17 roundtrip.

Remember to bring your passport from Ireland, although the border patrol cheerfully let my friend back in with only her photo ID.

If you take a sightseeing bus tour to orient yourself, consider sitting on the lower level so you can hop on and hop off. We had great views upstairs, but we never knew our bus had stopped to let people off until we started moving again.

Best Way To Get Around:

Belfast's city center is pedestrian-friendly and fun to walk around. Taxis were an inexpensive, quick way to get to the outskirts of the city.

West Belfast Murals

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Falls Road Photo, Belfast, Northern Ireland
During a long weekend in Ireland last month, my friends and I took a day trip to Belfast from our base in Dublin to see the city that is, as The New York Times declared in 2005, "ready for the party to begin."We found a young, vibrant cosmopolitan city more reminiscent of the Continent—Munich or Paris come to mind—than quaint and charming Dublin.We also found a powerful living history lesson by exploring the adjacent but separate neighborhoods of West Belfast: the Republican/Catholic side and the Loyalist/Protestant side. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams called on the Irish Republican Army to renounce violent tactics in April 2005, and while the mood seems optimistic, people do ...Read More