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RIU Palace—NOT Recommended

A March 2006 trip to Cabo San Lucas by bexum

Quote: This was the trip from hell!
The hotel has a very nice appearance, but the staff is very rude and not accommodating. They overbook the hotel and don't attempt to help you.

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on March 12, 2006

Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas All Inclusive
Camino Viejo a San Jose del Cab
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Nightmare

Best Of IgoUgo


Seven of us from my company just returned from Cabo last night. We had scheduled a short 3-day trip to the RIU Palace all-inclusive resort as a reward. Upon our arrival, we went to the front desk and and were immediately ushered aside. We were informed that the hotel was overbooked and that they would not be able to accommodate us. We were given wristbands to use the facilities, restaurants and bars, etc. We spent the next 3 hours on the front desk's phone speaking to Expedia, who booked the trip, trying to get alternate accommodations. There was nothing available. Expedia was terrific, although ultimately they couldn't help us. They did give us a full refund for the hotel, as the reservations were gu...Read More