Culebra Island Journals

First Time in Culebra

A February 2006 trip to Culebra Island by bluto2

Quote: Laid back people, and places with fantastic beaches. Noisy roosters (more than one and not just at sunrise!), but otherwise quiet. We had no TV for 4 days and limited phone use (by choice).
We arrived in San Juan at 1:15pm on February 24. Since husband is wary of small planes, we took a cab to Farajdo ($80 plus .50/bag). It is only 25 miles, but took over an hour. We missed the 3pm ferry and had to take the 4:30pm cargo ferry. We didn't get to Dewey until 6:30pm—way too much time! We Stayed at Villa Boehme, a 12 room guest house. Our room had a king size bed, and a kitchen with a full-size refrigerator ($125/day). They had regular rooms (I think $99/day), with a community room that had refrigerators, microwaves, etc. Villa Boehme is two doors down from Dinghy Docks. Katherine (one of the owners??) was very pleasant. We'd recommend this place very highly.We ate at Dinghy Docks (...Read More