Antarctica Journals

A Boat Journey to the French Antarctic Islands

A September 2005 trip to Antarctica by jorgejuan

Penguins in the night in Kerguelen Island Photo, More Photos
Quote: The Islands of Crozet, Kerguelen, Amsterdam, and Saint Paul form the "Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises." Going there constitutes a journey of a lifetime.
Austral Dawn in Amsterdam Island Photo,
The Antarctic continent belongs, in theory, to the entire Humankind and can not be exploited for commercial purposes, but the following seven countries have pretensions to it: Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and France. USA has the greatest scientific base in the Antarctica: McMurdo (a whole village with over one thousand people living permanently there), apart from Palmer in the Antarctica Peninsula, plus a third base in the Geographical South Pole. Russia has many bases, including one in the Magnetic South Pole. Italy, Spain, China, Brazil, Japan, India, Germany, and so on, until forty countries also have bases in Antarctica. The Antarctic Islands have...Read More