England Journals

Chill Out in North Yorkshire

A February 2006 trip to England by Clovery

Bar Wall of York Photo, England, United Kingdom More Photos
Quote: Northeast England allows great views of miles of coastlines, towering cliffs, and majestic mountains. On top of these are some historic sites and notable figures.
High Petergate Arch Photo, England, United Kingdom
The glare of the sun roused me from my sleep. I glanced at my watch, and it had been an hour since the train departed from Manchester Piccadilly Station. In another 30 minutes, the train would reach York Station and end its service at Middlesborough.It was not even 8 in the morning and York was still in reposed. York Station was an old station, and one of the great buildings of Victorian England opened in 1877 by the North Eastern Railway Company within the city walls. The train station was utterly quiet, except for a few tourists waiting for city buses and Coastliner (a private coach that runs to outskirt of York), which operates after 8am. The earliest schedule for Coastliner 840 to reac...Read More
Homemade Marmalades Photo, England, United Kingdom
All the way from Leeds, the three colored lines (blue, green, and red) of Coastliner operate almost the same route till Malton, where they congregate then diverge. The blue Coastliner beguiled me for its route to Whitby in North York Moors National Park, a splendid view to harbor and lush fields. The attempt of taking blue Coastliner was wrecked as I missed the bus schedule and needing to wait for an hour and half for the next. Instead of waiting meaninglessly at York Station, I decided to hop-on the green or red Coastliner, whichever come first, then stop at Malton. In this way I could tour an additional town and capitalize the time I had. The red Coastliner, or number 843, passed ...Read More
Graveyard at St. Mary's Church Photo, England, United Kingdom
It was mid afternoon and I begun to feel a bit of snooze, especially after boarding Coastliner where heater was replete and the seat cushion was spongy. I slouched on the seat, head slumped on my husband’s shoulder and browsed through the windows as the scene flashed across me. The sun was still high in the blue sky, adorned by a few scattered clouds and streak of sunlight mottled expanse of green fields. Prior approaching Goatland, on either side of the green banks, salubrious fields and even near to the roadside, you could see myriads of goats grazing on the grass and soaking under the sun. Some handful ones were actually taking risk by clinging themselves onto the steep sloping mountains...Read More