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Atatürk Museum

A March 2006 trip to Bursa by Suha Sendogan

Atatürk Museum Photo, Bursa, Turkey More Photos
Quote: The Atatürk Museum is one of the popular museums in Bursa, and it is being visited by everyone who comes to this city.

Atatürk Museum

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Atatürk Museum Photo, Bursa, Turkey
The Atatürk museum, located on Çekirge Avenue, is actually a 19th century mansion. The building was bought from its owners by the Municipality of Bursa and presented to Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk), who visited Bursa 13 times and often resided in this house. The mansion was transformed into a museum on the 50th anniversary of the Turkish Republic in 1973. Most of the furnishing and objects were used by Atatürk. Two out of the three floor building are open to visitors. The mansion is one of the most important examples of the civil architecture in Bursa.

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Atatürk Museum
Çekirge Avenue, Çaykara Street
Bursa, Turkey