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An October 2005 trip to Churchill by travelwhiz1799

Tundra Buggy Adventure Photo, Churchill, Manitoba More Photos
Quote: This town brought us back to the times when life was simpler.

Tundra Buggy Adventure

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Attraction | "The Tundra Buggy Adventure"

Tundra Buggy Adventure Photo, Churchill, Manitoba
Okay, so I admit it. I wasn't all that enthusiastic about going on this trip. I thought wow, we're going to see bears—big deal. But honestly it was one of the best tours I have ever had in my life! The tour guide was awesome, full of tons of interesting facts and able to get us within safe viewing distance of many beautiful animals. Those animals not just being polar bears, but even arctic foxes, ptarmigan, hares, and reindeer. We were also served a homemade complimentary lunch on the tundra buggy that tasted sooo good! And if you are someone who has a small bladder, like me, you’re in luck, because there is even a toilet located on the buggy! The views of the landscape that you experience while on th...Read More

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Tundra Buggy Adventure
Churchill, Manitoba
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