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Road Trip to Philadelphia

A May 1994 trip to Philadelphia by Carmen

Independence Hall Photo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania More Photos
Quote: Instead of going to the beach for my senior trip in college, some friends and I went to Philadelphia. Strange choice, I know, but we wanted something a little different.

Road Trip to Philadelphia


The most memorable part of my trip was taking a carraige ride through the city, and stopping to get a cheesesteak on the way!

Quick Tips:

Make sure to have a Philly cheesesteak. Mmmm. They are all they're cracked up to be.

Best Way To Get Around:

Philadelphia is pedestrian-friendly, so walking is a good bet.

Independence Hall

Attraction | "The Liberty Bell / Independence Hall"

Independence Hall Photo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
There's just so much history in Philly, that you just can't believe that you are actually standing where people like Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin stood. Independence Hall gives you goosebumps when you see it, if you have a patriotic bone in your body at all. People from all nations were standing outside, and admiring the building. The Liberty Bell also facinated tourists. When I visited, there were some engineers arguing about the crack in the bell, and for some reason, people were always looking underneath the bell, like it wasn't cracked on the inside or something. The tours are guided, and offer a lot of information about the history surrounding the Revolutionary war and...Read More

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Independence Hall
500 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Horse-Drawn Carriage rides Photo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
One of the best ways to take in the city is on a horse-drawn carriage ride. (Make sure you bring an apple for the horse.) The ride allows you to see everything the city has to offer, from the shops to the historical landmarks. The driver will also stop if you ask him, to let you get out and get a cheesesteak and eat it while you ride. Although there's no commentary as you ride, there are brochures available to tell you where you are and what you're seeing. This was my favorite part of the city.
The Schuylkill River Photo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We were extremely lucky to be in town to see a regatta race on the Schuylkill River. The river has been a sanctuary for scull racing for more than 100 years - or so we were told. The river is also lined by the most beautiful boat houses, with gorgeous park areas as well. I was also surprised at how large the river was. Not to mention how the crew members on the sculls worked together so well to go so fast! If you can see a race, I recommend visiting the river.

Veteran's Stadium


Veteran's Stadium Photo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We made sure to get tickets to see the Philadelphia Phillies play, although I would have rather seen a pro football game, but the stadium was amazing. We saw the Phillies play the Pirates, and danced to all the songs during the seventh-inning stretch. The only bad thing about the experience was discovering that Philly isn't the City of Brotherly Love after all. Folks in the parking lot were getting very upset, and not being patient at all. One guy just rammed another car because they didn't let him go. Hmmm. Road rage, definitely. Other than me not liking baseball very much, this was a cool thing to do on our trip.